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Inspiring Change in the Maine Cannabis Industry

Standing Behind Our Values, Then and Now

Lots of times as businesses and industries grow, we see corner cutting and shying away from core values. At Mystique of Maine, it’s our biggest accomplishment to date that we have stayed true to the building blocks of our business: bettering lives through cannabis. This entails honesty, respect, compassion, and most importantly a love for the cannabis plant. We believe in the future of this healthier and more beneficial alternative to everyday vices, and have since the day we opened our doors.

Giving Back With Every Dollar

Mystique of Maine is thrilled to be able to offer a loyalty program for our customers to earn points every time they visit. The excitement of earning that free pre-roll or up to $30 off your entire purchase brings you nostalgia of childhood games. Making your dollar stretch is more important now than it ever has been, and we are here to help make it fun! Mystique of Maine is appreciative of all our customers and wants to recognize you as the reason we are here today by offering you a way to get free stuff. As a new customer, enjoy 15% off in Mystique of Maine recreational storefronts!

Put Your Trust in Mystique of Maine

Whether you’re local to our recreational store in Portland, Maine or recreational outlet store in Auburn, Maine, you can count on Mystique of Maine. We cultivate and offer only the best cannabis products to give you peace of mind and freedom of selection. While other establishments have tiers of quality, we simply have tiers of pricing. We have our own state of the art cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing facilities as well as strategically chosen partners who help us provide you with a great selection of clean, tested, quality cannabis and related products.

Mystique Of Maine Wholesale

We make it easy for our wholesale customers to see our available products and order online. You can also call, text, or email us orders anytime. Most of our products are in stock for immediate pickup or delivery. We are experts in the rules and regulations of Adult Use Cannabis & Metrc in Maine, so we make sure everything you buy and sell from us is compliant. All of our products are of the highest quality, compliant, and profitable for you, and we make it easy for you to do business with us.

Ethical Grow Practices

Standing behind our in-house product 110% is taken a step further by offering personal testimony from our amazing and genuine budtenders. Engaging in conversation while you shop through our seemingly never-ending selection of fine cannabis products enables you to see more perspective than what can be portrayed on an identification card. Check out our complete menu on Weedmaps and learn about our products here!

Next Level Customer Service

When you walk through the doors of Mystique of Maine, you’re comforted by a humble staff of welcoming faces. The vibe is unmatched, capturing the essence of the cannabis plant. We pride ourselves on creating an inviting atmosphere for education and conversation. Sharing personal experiences is the most authentic way to right fit everyone who wants it! We want to make Mystique of Maine your first thought when you’re asking Siri for a “cannabis store near me.”

Drop Us a Line

Mystique of Maine is completed by a group of truly incredible individuals who share a love for cannabis and the effects it has for people all over the world. We could not have selected a finer group of people to represent our business. We welcome all questions, comments, and wholesale inquiries by phone and email during business hours! Once you’ve finished browsing, you can find hours, contact information and more, here.

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