Things to Do in Auburn Maine

Top 5 Things to Do in Auburn, Maine

The city of Auburn is located in Maine and has a population of 23,000 people. It is the perfect location if you are searching for a place packed with many activities for you and your loved ones. 

There are different beautiful and extraordinary places to visit in Auburn, Maine, that would leave you loving the beautiful picturesque city. With a city like this, you should have a guide to help you navigate the best places to visit.

Here are 5 amazing things you could do to help you enjoy your stay in Auburn, ME

1. Auburn RiverwalkSee the Riverwalk Bridge in Auburn, ME

A riverside walk is an amazing thing to do if you visit Auburn during good weather conditions. The Auburn Riverwalk is a good place to spend your day. You can take a stroll, jog, ride a bike, or just find a spot to sit and read a book. Take in this beautiful place however you want. 

The Auburn Riverwalk has a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor, meaning it is a popular and well-liked location.  People that have been there said, “It’s a great and well-maintained walkway for strolling and jogging, with nice views of the river, downtown Lewiston, waterfalls, and trees,” and “Great place for morning exercise.”

2. Mt. Apatite

Auburn, Maine, has the best locations for outdoor activities, and Mt. Apatite is a perfect example of those locations. Mt. Apatite is a hiking trail suitable for anyone, regardless of physical strength and fitness level. 

Since it is an easy trail, you can bring your kids along and give them the full outdoor hiking experience. There are beautiful sceneries you can expect to see along the way. You can expect to see ponds, frogs, small reptiles, tortoises, rocks, and minerals, and you can even turn it into an educational trip for your children. 

This area has a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor because it is a loved location by many. People have said it is “An awesome family outing ” and “A nice hike, great for rock collecting.”

3. Side by Each Brewing

If you are a beer lover, then Side by Each Brewing is the perfect location for you. This bar has a variety of beers with different flavors, and they have an impressive collection.  

Side by Each Brewing has something special for coffee lovers as well. They create locally roasted coffee beverages that taste like heaven. This location is also amazing if you want to make friends and interact with the locals.

Additionally, this place has a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor. It is one of the top locations in Auburn. People left reviews on TripAdvisor saying, “Side by Each was great when I stopped by on a visit, from my evening flight of beers to a morning latte and scone.”

4. Mystique of Maine Cannabis Store

Cannabis dispensary in Auburn ME

If you are a weed lover, you can get the best cannabis products at Mystique of Maine Cannabis. They have you covered with their innovative cannabis dispensary. The Mystique of Maine is a safe haven for stoners. They have a variety of freshly grown cannabis for you to choose from.

Mystique of Maine Cannabis Store has a 5.0 rating on WeedMaps. People that have visited say, “Stopped by last week and got a few different things to try, was happy with all of it. Good service, good prices.”

5. Community Little Theater

The Community Little Theater is a small and cozy place to admire the talents of the local actors in Auburn, ME. You can watch different plays and be entertained by not just the acts alone but also by the locals’ costumes.

The people of Auburn, Maine, are very passionate about theater arts and put so much work into their acts. Certainly, you would enjoy every single moment of your visit to the theater.

The Community Little Theater has a 4.0 rating on TripAdvisor. Individuals who visited said, “Well done performance, and I was pleasantly surprised by how polished the play was presented.” “We were treated to a surprise evening at this marvelous community theater. True-to-the-original stage scenery, fine vocal presentations, especially the ensemble.“

Those are just some of the things you can do in Auburn, ME. Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of where to start. 

Don’t forget to visit Mystique of Maine to get the best strains mother nature has to offer. It is located on the 32-acre Cannabis Park, 43 Mystique Way, Auburn, ME 04210. In case you get lost, you can also contact them at this number (207) 245-2645

Enjoy your vacation in Auburn, Maine!

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